Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Happy New Year Friends

I'm up in Chicago for New Years and I'm having a blast. I got a nice 12 miler in on Saturday morning before my art class and was even able to hit the Gazelles stretching session. I really appreciated that when I was stuck in the cramped seat on the airplane. I brought my cat as well so any foot room I would have started with was taken up by his carrier.

The snow here is beautiful. I forgot how much I do love the snow. It is so amazing when the ground is all covered and you see the little flakes float down on their random pathways to the ground. Though my last true workout was Saturday morning, we've gone on a few walks and I think we'll go to one of the parks today to walk and play. Yesterday I shoveled show. I know, you northerners can insert a laugh here...and here. This was actually a fun treat for me since I haven't really done it much before and since I used it as sort of a workout. It was fun to help out David and then we made the best ever snowman and snoopy snow dog with breaks taken during our artistic creation for snowball fights. I also made a snow angel :).

Yes Texans, its cold but it is so lovely. I'm bundled up nicely so its not awful. I was really colder after our long run on Saturday on my walk to the car than I have been here.

Have a wonderful New Year's Day my friends, take a deep breath in and smile. We are so lucky and blessed.

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Anonymous said...

The real snow angel is the one shoveling snow! :)