Friday, January 4, 2008

Night at the Museum

Exciting times in the city for me. We took the train from Deerfield to the city last night to go to the museum of art. It was a new thing for me- I've never taken the train to the city anywhere other than in Ireland, Italy, and England. It is a little different when it is your own country I guess. It was cold, I mean really, really cold outside. We had about a 5 minute walk from the car to the station and then it was about 15 minutes in the city to the museum. The city is really beautiful. I like watching all the people walking around and the buildings are so great. The architecture of the city is amazing (and now I feel I'm running out of superlatives). I'll post some of my pics here and then talk more about the city later.

I'm going to log off in a sec and do some yoga. I've done lots of walking while I've been here but I want to get a good stretch in since I have the 30K on Sunday. I cant wait to post positive things about that race...lets hope its fun and not too painful!

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