Friday, December 28, 2007

Joe and Colleen Killer Insane Ab Workout

Here it is- have fun! We do it everyday. We started with 100 and have added at least 10 each week. It is tough but fun.

Section I- 10 each
1. Basic Crunch, 3 up, 1 down
2. Double Crunch (bring upper and lower up at the same time)
3. Side Crunch
4. Basic Crunch, 1 up, 3 down
5. Extreme Twists- 10 each side
-raise upper body like basic crunch, twist right, left, raise up just a little more in the center, then back down
6. Basic Crunch. 3 up, 1 down
7. Extreme Twists (again)
8. Basic, 1 up, 3 down

Section II-
9. Weighted twist, 10 each side/20 total
, -with weight in hands (we use 10lbs) come up in a crunch and twist side to side, letting weight almost tap the floor on each side of hips.
10. Weighted Sit-Up - basic full sit-up, done SLOWLY with weight in hands. do not use momentum.
11. Weighted twist, 10 each side/20 total

Section III-
12. 10 Second Holdout- hold legs out straight just above ground for a count of 10
13. Descending Legs, 10- from holdout position, pull knees in, raise legs straight up, and slowly descend back to the ground
14. 10 Second Holdout
15. X-legs- from holdout position, bring legs up to 90 degrees, crossing three times, repeat the 3 crossing on the way back down.
16. 10 Second Holdout
17. Bicycle Crunch- 10 each side, 20 total
18. 10 Second Holdout
19. Basic Crunch, 1 up, 3 down for 5 counts, 3 up, 1 down for 5 counts
20. 10 Second Holdout
21. V-Sit-
from holdout position, bring arms and legs up at the same time to put body in the v-sit position.

Section IV-Side Planks
22. Right Hold 10sec
23. Right Side Plank Crunch 10 count
24. Center Plank hold 20 seconds
25. Left Hold 10sec
26. Left Side Plank Crunch 10 count

Section V-Back
27. Opposite Arm, Opposite Leg, 5 each side- start in table top position, raise opposite arm and leg for a count of three
28. Supermans/Swims- 5 total laying on stomach, raise arms and legs at the same time for a count of 3. After five, raise arms and legs at the same time, then move arms out to the side


=360 abs

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