Sunday, December 23, 2007

Running with the Girls

Yesterday was a good run day. It was the type of run that makes me really enjoy getting up early even though the covers feel so good. The road was nice, the sun was kind, the wind took a hike for the morning, and the conversation was wonderful.

It was a little cold but probably only for me and probably because I wanted to sport my new brooks pink running gloves. I met my gang of women for a 7am run Saturday morning. Our running group gets bigger every week it seems and that makes me so unbelievably happy. The strength we give each other is multiplied with each new person. There were 6 of us doing the full distance and 2 others taking it a bit shorter at a different pace. It wasn't long, it wasn't hard, it wasn't fast but it was with my girls and a time to see friends before the holiday madness sweeps us all away. We met for our 10 miler which was a very welcome distance given that we did a 17miler followed by a 19miler these past two weeks. It was nice to get it in first thing in the morning and know that today, Sunday I could sleep and not think about putting a sports bra on for a day or so....unless my mother's treadmill starts calling me today while I'm at home visiting.

We did a new route- I try to always have some new route planned out so we don't get bored. We hit the first part of the marathon route, cut through some neighborhoods, and finished up on my absolute end route of the Capital and Congress Ave. Three of us did the marathon for the first time last year, one woman has done the AT&T four times but hasn't raced on the new coures, andWe finished with smiles, stretching at our cars and the conversation, as it typically does after our long runs, drifted into french toast, eggs benedict, and good coffee at Austin Java. Unfortunately I had to get off to teach my art class so I wasn't able to join the rest of the girls.

Running with this group of women is such a blessing. They have all made me a better runner and its a real gift to always have someone waiting for me to show up no matter if I'm having a good day or a bad day. It helps to keep me from getting lost in the waves of the days.

My mother ordered a new runnervals DVD but it hasnt come in yet. I'm excited to play around with it on Tuesday since I wont be hitting the trail with the Gazelles today.

A joyous day to you all. Hopefully you'll get some sun on your face and some good (healthy) food in your stomach.

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