Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Ravioli, Runnervals, and Time to Rest

Christmas with my family is a really nice time. Its become a very relaxing holiday where the focus is on family and not presents. I really like it like this. This year we decided to make everything low key. We had our traditional cheese and wine for Christmas eve dinner- oh so good and I didnt spend time thinking about the calories, we had challah french toast for breakfast, and wonderful ravioli from Austin based Pasta&Co. We traditionally have an Italian style Christmas dinner. We started the ravioli addition last year. We got 4 different types this year and made three different sauces and a salad. It was outstanding.

To help burn a minute bit of the massive calories I took in over the break, I was determined to keep up my workout obsessions. I woke up early all the days and did a workout or two from FitTv along with a yoga session. I dont have cable in my place so when I go home to my parents, I always take full advantage of the fitness channels. I got to work on painting my parents pool- not intended to be a workout but it certainly was. I hit the treadmill and experienced the new Runnervals DVD. WHOO- that killed me! I did the intermediate workout on Tuesday since I'd be missing the Gazelles. It was a great workout and left me very tired after only 30 minutes. I'm glad I got some speed work in but its just not the same without Gilbert there to tell me "Cookie Colleen, cookie!". I also played with my works new fun tool, the TRX. Its a pretty intense workout and I'm content with just being able to do half of the exercises.

I'll be back with the Gazelles for our workout this afternoon. I'm looking forward to burning more of the food from the holiday. Ugh, I feel like my 2000 meter repeats will feel much slower than I hope. I'm just going to focus on doing one at a time. No need to try and think about how many more I have left when I'm on my first one.

I'm just going to go out and try to run with joy.

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