Friday, December 21, 2007

A little change up

A little change up in the blog here today. I'm going to start talking about my marathon training and other things going on in my life. The biking life is good however I've severely missed riding my little girl these past weeks. I miss my bike but the days I'm not running are the days I'm recovering from running. I'm hoping to get in at least one good day of relaxing saddle time over the holiday.

Training for the marathon has really taken over all of my workouts. This will be my second marathon and this time the girls and I are doing it for time. Last year was about finishing and accomplishing that goal. This year we are working to cut our time and are training smartly. Jen and I are with Gilbert's Gazelles and Mel is kicking it with Rouge. The programs are both very good and we all are gaining speed. Jen and I posted some pretty fast numbers (for us) in our 800 repeat workout last night with Gilbert. Its really amazing to me how he believes I can go fast and somehow, by the magic of Gilbert Fairy Dust, I do! We celebrated with a margarita and a walk through the trail of lights after practice. Good but exhausting night~ a fresh jamba orange juice is exactly what I needed first thing this morning.

Tomorrow is our long run day. We are only doing 10 miles which, after a 17 miler weekend followed by a 19 miler, brings a big smile to my face. We have a 10er next weekend and then its the 30K Run out in the hills of madness. I'm flying back in from Chicago the night before the race really late but oh well, its all about pushing yourself, right? It will be...well, an experience.

In case you are interested in routes, or as insane as I am about mapping out everything, here's our possible routes for this weekends run.
Basket weave

Other life happenings- My jewelry work is starting to roll out. I've sold some necklaces and will start putting stuff up on etsy and a blog page soon. I'll post as soon as that happens.

Blessings to everyone. Now get off the computer and go play outside!!

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