Friday, December 28, 2007

Lame, that's it, no other catchy title.

Ok, I know I'm lame- but I only take partial membership in the lame club for yesterday. I did go to the Gazelles workout. I got there very early because there was no traffic. I left work ten minutes early to make sure I didnt miss the 5pm start time and ended up staying in my warm car for a bit in the RunTex parking lot. The wind picked up, the sky became another hue of dismal gray, and the car felt oh, so warm. The heater produced the killer list of "Things I need to do" in my head as I waited for the familiar faces of any of the other Gazelles to show up. I gave it 5 minutes and then had that inevitable internal conversation of reasons I should go home and not run in the gloom outside.

My runner conscience lost, the car turned on, and I decided to go home. Yes, I was initiated into the lame club for that but there's no toaster coming my way. I did not fall fully into lameness- I didnt give up completely. My OCD nature would never let me just go home and not work out. I've been missing my bike so much lately. I've missed being in the saddle. I've missed hearing the gears change and the feeling as my legs fill up with lactate. I've missed the feel of the aerobars on the skin below my elbow and the beautiful slickness of the carbon when I grab the aerobar ends. I've missed the tension the middle inside of my hands experience when I hit the shifters and the stretch the skin between my thumb and finger makes to position my hand correctly over the top of my bars. If you are a cyclist you are now smiling because you know what I mean. If you are not, you may only see this description as odd. Get on a bike for an hour and you'll understand.

First thing I did when I got home was go straight to my office and put my biking shoes in the middle of the floor. No excuses- the shoes being in the middle of the floor is enough to send my compulsive neatness radar into overdrive mode. I did a few other little things but the MO was to get my bike on the trainer and start my workout. After I had her all set up, my workout written down, a bottle of water out, and a video on the player, I decided to do the "Joe and Colleen Killer Insane Ab Workout" since we missed getting it in at work. As penance I used my weights on the whole thing- my catholic upbringing coming out in full force with that one! I got a good ride in with some sprints, some stands, and lots of cadence work. I'm glad I made the decision to bike, really. I'm not sure when I'll be able to get back on my bike since I'm off to Chicago this weekend and most of my workouts are running involved. I still miss the feel of the road and the smell of the air when I'm in the saddle but that will all come again soon.

For anyone interested, I'll post the ab workout later on this blog and explain its awesomeness!

Meeting the girls for a run tomorrow before my art class. We're doing 12 miles though I'm only scheduled to do 10. I figure I wont be getting too much running done in Chicago (though my shoes and sports bra are packed) so I wouldn't hurt to get in a couple of extra miles. Hopefully we'll make it to the stretch at 8:30 and I can say hi to all the gazelles.

Blessings to you all!

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